Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Um...Just Three, Please

Some idiotic Belgian girl went to a tattoo artist with the intention of getting stars tattooed on her face.

She claims she only wanted three stars; the tattoo artist says she asked for 56. She got 56.

Here's what the stupid girl looks like:

And, just to be fair, here's a pic of the businessman in question:

It apparently is a he said/she said case, so it's likely she'll receive little satisfaction; I'd point out, though, that were I a tattoo artist (all gods forbid), I'd have a disclaimer form that I'd make clients sign before applying a tattoo to the face:

I, (name), being of sound mind and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, do request that Inky Dink Tattoo Parlor tattoo my face in the following manner: (description of work to be done, in client's handwriting).

(client signature)
(witness signature)

*cough* (losers) *cough*

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