Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Um...Just Three, Please: The Sequel

I blogged recently about a Belgian girl who had 56 stars tattooed onto her face, only to blame it on the tattoist afterwards, saying that she had only requested three stars and he had tattooed her while she was asleep with more than she requested.

Well, she's finally 'fessed up and indicated that she did in fact request 56 stars, and only told the lies after her father's outrage became apparent.

Liar Liar Face On Fire

The tattoist, naturally enough, has decided that he's no longer liable for paying half the cost of removing the stars from the girl's face, although he is gratified at all the attention his work has received.

*shakes head sadly*


Anonymous said...

She only got disturbed about this when her daddy got mad? And why did the old man get mad NOW?
Where was the EXPECTATION of the family before this?
Expectation=what the family stands for; what we believe in, etc.


Bob said...

@Anonymous/Steve: you don't really think she'd consult her family beforehand, do you?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

She was only upset that the Pink Moons, Green Clover didn't show up.

Someone's always stealin' me lucky charms...

WV: ablyclik

TOTWTYTR said...

Looking at her picture I can only think, "Who's the sad clown, then?"