Friday, June 12, 2009

Time For A Poll

Basically for the men, but women may participate, also. Feel free to add comments. The premise is based on the study cited in this story, that Australian men chose "normal" shaped women over fashion models or Playboy centerfolds. I think that the Aussies may have been being politic, myself, but let's do the poll and see.

Guys! What's Your Ideal Woman's Figure Look Like?
Bony, anorexic; Olive Oyl
Slim, like a pre-pubescent girl
Normal: breasts, waist, and hips unremarkable
Curvy: breasts, waist and hips showing definite curves, not overweight
Voluptuous: lush, heavy breasts and hips, slightly overweight
BBW: obese but still attractive
Morbidly Obese: soooo, pig, pig pig! free polls


Ronsonic said...

Stupid poll only let me pick one.

Anything from slim to chunky, pretty shows up in all of those styles.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

What ever happened to "Eight to Eighty; Blind, Crippled or Crazy".

Unknown said...

Along those same lines, it all depends on the girl. I've dated girls of all types.

But I prefer an athletic build. Not a body builder, but lean. Not sure which one of the choices that falls under. Normal? Slim?

ppjakaJim said...

How about built for comfort but not for speed?

Jay G said...

Where's the "all of the above" choice?