Monday, June 15, 2009

UK: Anti-Stab Knife?

Anyone who has ever turned a Popsicle stick into a dagger knows how useless this invention is.


With a common bench grinder, I could put a point on that knife in 30 seconds. On the side of a concrete block it might take a bit longer, about 10 minutes.

Does this inventor - - John Cornock - - really think that his little innovation is going to make a dime's worth of difference? Fool.


Lollie-ext-5555 said...

I don't think it was designed to prevent pre-meditated stabbings. I think it was meant to prevent you being stabbed by your jealous wife, your drunken lover, your psychotic grandma, your cranked out kid, and the burgler you surprised in your kitchen. I'd love to have a set in my kitchen. I don't have a jealous wife, drunken lover, psychotic grandma or cranked out kid, but you never know when you're going to surprise a burgler in the kitchen. :)&-=

Ronsonic said...

The designer isn't the fool here, the fools will be the legislators and activists who do his advertising for him and make the product mandatory.

It's sorta like the bicycle helmet scam. No manufacturer of the things will ever say that they'll save your life or even protect you in a crash. It's their auxiliary that makes the claims.