Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stoned Kangaroos Make Crop Circles In Tasmania

They're wallabies, actually, but I used the word kangaroos because not everyone knows what a wallaby is.

Anyway, the wallabies are eating the legally-grown opium poppies in the fields of Tasmania, getting stoned, and then start staggering in a circle, resulting in a poppy field crop circle.

My only question is, do the wallabies stagger in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction? Since it's the Southern hemisphere, they should probably be staggering in a clockwise direction...

Opium Eater.

A humorous reference is found in the caption to this photo (click link above to see caption): In this undated photo provided by Wirrimbirra Flora and Fuana (sic) Sanctuary, a red neck wallaby stands in an enclosure on the grounds of the sanctuary in Bargo, Australia.

I might have suspected it was a redneck wallaby.

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Anonymous said...

Do THEY..the ones who gives us this EXPLANATION that everyone here in Australia are Stupids..? if any animal is drugged or stoned in can not be walking in perfect circles...!
Sorry but I am not born yesterday.