Friday, June 26, 2009

Gotta Love Those Criminal Nicknames

Police did a roundup of the usual suspects in a drug conspiracy bust locally in Lincolnton, North Carolina; among those arrested:

Michael Odell "UFO" Fair, 22, Lincolnton;

Darrell Eugene "Chief" Friday, 21, Lincolnton;

Susan Sutton "Shorty" Johns, 53, Lincolnton;

Tyson Javon "Black" Lasalle, 30, Lincolnton;

Rufus Duran "Chico" Lynch Jr., 24, Lincolnton;

Andrew Paul "Pun" Mungro, 23, Lincolnton;

Marcus Antenel "Butch" Nixon, 28, Lincolnton;

And last but certainly not least:

Paul Richard "Poo-Poo" Walton Jr., 28, Lincolnton.

There's another dozen or more names on the list, but those unfortunates don't have nicknames, so I won't bother reporting them. I'll note that a lot of them seem to be related, judging by the shared surnames.

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Ronsonic said...

Old TV cop show, I forget which, a homicide detective is getting info from a narcotics cop who is naming some of his usual suspects. "Don't any of your perps have grown-up names?"