Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weekend Doings

Sara and I didn't do a lot this weekend. We did pick up a cat for her, a belated birthday present from me to her; a boy seal point Siamese, neutered, from a shelter organization. He's a very friendly fellow, loves to cuddle and be held, which makes him superior to most cats out there. I forgot to take pictures, but will correct that mistake next week.

Update: here's a shot that Sara took of our pretty boy:

Another thing we did was continue our exploration of area BBQ joints. Saturday we tried out Lancaster's BBQ, which has a couple of locations in the north Charlotte area. This one was the Huntersville location, and had a full parking lot when we arrived, a good sign. Hush puppies were brought to the table gratis, and were hot and flavorful, with a bit of onion inside. Sara ordered the pork BBQ plate and I ordered the beef brisket BBQ. Sides included Brunswick Stew (not good, said Sara), onion rings (hot, fresh-made and good, said I) fried curly fries (homemade potato chips, very good, said I), corn on the cob (boiled and not very flavorful, said I) and french fries (hot and fresh, said Sara). The pork BBQ was good (I tasted a bit), large chunks rather than typical NC shreds, good flavor. The brisket was good but not great, sliced a bit too thinly for my taste, but tasted good; Sara liked it a lot. Next time we go there I'll be ordering sandwiches and taking a better sauce than they offer there, which appears to be Ken's Cannonball BBQ Sauce, which I personally find to be rather disgusting in flavor.

Saturday night we went to see the Charlotte Knights play AAA baseball. It was difficult to enjoy due to the extreme heat, but we stuck it out so we could see the fireworks show after the game, a regular feature at home games on Saturday nights. The Knights lost to Buffalo, by the way, 5-1.


Barco Sin Vela II said...

What a lovely "Jellicle-Type" Cat!

We had a female that looked just like your Boy, and she was the most precious and easy going kitty.

You will have many years of pleasure.

Enjoy your Meezer!

Bob said...

@Barco Sin Vela II: thanks for the comment; "Meezer" is a cool possibility for a name for this little guy.