Monday, December 26, 2011

New York Times: Ron Paul Supported By Klan, Neo-Nazis

Yer typical guilt-by-association hit job by Barack Obama's propaganda arm the "newspaper of record."


Walt Taylor said...

While it's certainly a questionable choice of reporting, wouldn't common sense tell you that if they were Obama's propaganda arm, they'd be giving Ron Paul a free ride?

Bob said...

@Walt Taylor: I was being facetious, as I'm sure you're well aware. And not all propaganda operations are skilled and subtle; remember "Baghdad Bob," Saddam Hussein's spokesman, who reported that the war was going well for Saddam while US tanks could be seen in the background?

Ron Paul has a lot of theories that are way out of the mainstream, but his main theme about foreign relations, that the US has its chickens coming home to roost because of its military adventurism, is in line with leftist criticisms leveled by such figures as Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky after 9/11. Paradoxically, Paul's proposed policy of noninterventionism (not to say isolationism; that requires import tariffs, and Paul is a free market guy) and review of all foreign aid, plus his plan to end stationing of troops overseas, has found a particular receptive audience among active duty military personnel.

Walt Taylor said...

Oh, I'm all for facetiousness. It's just not very effective when it undermines your point. Ron Paul has some interesting things to say; just enough to keep one from dismissing him as a total nut case. So Bob, which of the Republican candidates do you favor?

Bob said...

@Walt Taylor: Perry is good on fiscal conservative values and gun rights, but is too much of a social conservative for my liking; I'm not a gay-basher, myself, and I dislike that too many Republicans go that way.

I've made my liking for Ron Paul fairly obvious; I'd love to see him win the Presidency, just to see how much of his agenda he's able to push through. I'm thinking that he'd spend much of his time battling the Congress to get anything done, but that's not in itself a bad thing.