Friday, December 16, 2011

Sometimes the Boy In You...

...wants to buy something, and the man you are has to struggle to convince the Boy it's not needed in his life. I'm having that struggle currently:

"Experimental WWI Helmet."

This strange thing is currently for sale in the Atlanta Cutlery Corp. catalog. I have no need or use for such a thing, but its Steampunk look causes the Boy in me to whimper with toy lust.

Worst is the fact that I don't have spare cash right now. The IRS sent me a Christmas present last week which will pretty much abnegate any holiday spirit around here, and my sister's surgery just exacerbates matters, because she'll be struggling to pay bills and I'll need to pick up the slack. So I can't afford to buy any stupid toys right now.

I swear, though, that helmet looks like it came right off of Boilerplate's head.


PISSED said...

If you want it , buy it, it might come in handy next year when the SHTF!

BobG said...

Looks almost like a cut-down and streamlined version of a Thracian gladiator helmet.