Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Trailer For The Hobbit...

...has arrived:

And note that the movie itself is still a year off, so there is quite a wait ahead of us.

Looks like they didn't use Tolkien's silly hair/clothing colors as described in the book. They appear to have used one of the most soul-stirring songs from the book, however, and that is all to the good. Just hope that they don't use the inane (and, frankly, gay) elf-songs from the book: Oh, tra-la-la-lally here down in the valley, ha ha!

h/t Random Acts of Patriotism.

(As an incidental note, I have been in Middle-Earth myself all morning, via the MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online. Did you know that you can play the game free, in a limited way? You can visit many of the places famous in the books, including Bag End, Bilbo and Frodo's home. Depending on which race you choose, you can meet various characters from the books in the tutorial, including Gandalf and Aragorn.

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