Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Disappearing Diamondback Rattlesnakes In SC

Mostly due to loss of habitat, but active destruction by unreasoning humans takes its toll.

Although I've killed them myself, as a younker in Florida. And I'd like a belt of Diamondback hide, if I could find a snake that long. *grins*

Leave them alone, if at all possible. I won't condemn someone for killing one around a house, but if you see one in the woods, stop and admire it, then let it go about its business, which is rodent control.


Walt Taylor said...

...but I bet you'd oppose government attempts to save their habitat.

Bob said...

@Walt Taylor: depends on the government attempt, Walt. Acquisition of land for wildlife refuges/national parks/national forests I don't much object to, as long as the landowner isn't screwed by eminent domain "takings." I do object to farmers and other landowners being made felons by badly-written laws designed to "protect" wildlife or "preserve" habitat.

Walt Taylor said...

Good! Glad to hear it.