Thursday, January 05, 2012

King of the Snipers Punched Out Jesse Ventura?

Apparently so:

It was in 2006 when Ventura and the SEALs happened to be in the same bar, for very different reasons. The SEALs were holding a wake to honor a lost member of their team. Jesse was in town to speak to some new graduates of the SEAL program. During his military career from 1969-75, Ventura was a member of the Navy’s elite Underwater Demolition Team or UDT (the UDT was the precursor to the SEALs) and Jesse is a SEAL reservist. You might expect that sharing the history of membership in an elite military unit would garner a lifetime of mutual respect. Not so with Ventura.

As stated above, the SEALs were in the bar to mourn the loss of team member. They had gathered with the family of Medal of Honor recipient Mike Mansoor when Ventura made it known to many that he did not agree with the war. Kyle claims that he approached the former governor, and asked him to keep it down, informing Jesse that the family of the deceased was also with them.

That’s when Ventura unleashed more of his insensitive comments and Kyle reportedly countered with a one-punch knockdown.

LOL. I'll be damned.


Warren Demontague said...


I see that you jumped on the bandwagon and believed this Kyle guys con-job. All he is trying to do is sell more books and get some under the table for discrediting Ventura.

This isn't true and everyone is being called out on it.

You only drank the kool-aid and helped spread the lie... hook, line and sinker!

Bob said...

@Warren Demontague: Supposedly it happened at a get-together for Monsoor's friends and family, so there will be witnesses to corroborate - - or contradict - - Kyle's story. For the nonce, I'm more inclined to believe him than Ventura, who seems to me to be something of a nutcase these days, being a 9/11 Truther among other things.

Warren Demontague said...

I love how you keep using words like "supposedly". That means there is no factual evidence and you have no clue. You are spreading rumors that are untrue and I am calling you out on it. Simple as that.

I heard you supposedly took a bite out of a poop last night. There simple as that... You just ate poop!

It's funny how this allegedly took place before everyone had a camera on their cellphone and this is the first time anybody has every heard of it. You would think the other people in the bar or the owners of the bar would validate this.

This Kyle guy is confessing to Assault. Granted the statute of limitations has expired.

Here is Jesse's response:

PS. If you think we have been told the truth about 9/11 then you have some issues. We deserve to know the truth and those in the quest of it are much better than you!

Bob said...

@Warren Demontague: I use words like "supposedly" because I wasn't at the event in question, and want to retain a modicum of skepticism about what was reported. Here's the thing, though: I don't think you were there, either, so you're not speaking from direct knowledge, either. I'd guess you are simply accepting Ventura's side of the story whole-heartedly, either as a personal friend/acquaintance of his or as someone who sympathises with his views. That you seem to be a 9/11 Truther yourself tells me most of what I care to know about you.

I don't know if you noticed my original blog title; there is a question mark at the end of it because I don't accept the reportage unreservedly. Kyle may or may not be telling the truth as to what occurred (if anything). Perhaps more information is forthcoming, but it seems unlikely, because other people present at the event are part of the SEAL/SpecWar community, and they are a pretty close-mouthed bunch.

As to any "assault" that Kyle "confessed" to, please. If Ventura felt he had been assaulted he had the opportunity to call the cops at the time it happened. In most jurisdiction a simple assault - - bar-room altercation, in this case - - is considered a misdemeanor and barely worth a judge's time.