Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Leave Them Flytraps Alone!

A family of Venus Flytrap poachers has been arrested in Brunswick County, NC.

Three people from Shallotte were arrested on charges of poaching Venus flytraps from a nature conservancy in Brunswick County as authorities found 200 of these rare plants pulled from the ground Monday.

The accused poachers were arrested Monday after staff from the N.C. Division of Forest Resources notified the Nature Conservancy’s Wilmington office about suspicious behavior in the Green Swamp Preserve, one of the last bastions of naturally-growing Venus flytraps worldwide.

They only grow in the coastal plain of NC and SC. Only place in the entire world.

I remember giving a book report on insectivorous plants back in 5th grade in Catholic school. Had to get up in front of the class to deliver it, and I was so enthusiastic about the subject that the teacher called the principal, Sister Trinita, to hear me give the lecture over again.

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