Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Five

Over at Sharp As a Marble, Robb has started a meme about what 5 guns you most lust after. I'm more a knife nut than a gun nut, so I don't have a lot of guns, myself. I don't even own a .22 rifle or a shotgun, so my list of five will work to fix that lack:

1. Ruger 10/22. I'll take one in stainless steel with a nylon stock.

2. Ithaca Model 37 12-gauge shotgun, riot gun or Deerslayer configuration.

3. M1 Garand.

4. Remington Rolling Block rifle in .45-70. Most modern Americans are more familiar with the Sharps buffalo gun, but the Rolling Block was very nearly as popular, and was the rifle of choice for many of the world's armies in the pre-Mauser era.

5. Mauser HSc. In .32ACP, please. I just love the look of these WWII-era pistols.


Walt Taylor said...

Ah, this is the bubble you're in, Bob: believing that most Americans are familiar with a Sharps buffalo gun!

Bob said...

@Walt Taylor: I'll happily live in that particular bubble, Walt. And in the part of America that smokes and watches Oprah, as you put it, there's far more likelihood of being able to identify a Sharps than in, say, Greenwich Village.