Friday, January 06, 2012

Random Thought

I wonder what it's going to take to get the two divided sides of the US to figure out a compromise that allows the country to run more efficiently. I think we can describe the divide as between the statists/Liberals/Progressives/Democrats/Hippies on one side, and the individualists/Conservatives/Republicans/Rednecks on the other side, both sides basically despise each other and feel that the other side's ceasing to exist would somehow lead to all of the US's problems being resolved.

Currently when a new President is inaugurated he spends his first week reversing the Executive Orders issued by the previous President. Barack Obama certainly did this, and Bush did it before him, and all the way back to Reagan's time, as far as I can recall, especially with regards to abortion. So I guess if we get a new President in November we'll go through the whole process again?

Are we just going to have Presidents that rule either the Hippies or the Rednecks, and pander to their respective group, and do their level best to work against the interests of the other group? How can we continue that way?


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, when we were a "republican" country, both philosophical sides of our country could have their individual styles of governance in power, and not have it affect others who might not be as exuberant about their ideas as they themselves are.

Sadly, those days are *long* gone.

(When they died, of course, is a wonderful theoretical exercise to deduce. Was it the 1930s? The 1910s? 1865? 1815?)

Walt Taylor said...

I like this, Robert. Mark Warner (D-VA), during a visit to Cafe Stella, when the same issue was brought up, said "Find someone on the other side who you think is decent and reasonable, and support them." Not a bad start. Both sides need what's good about the other. Time to stop demonizing each other and realize that we're going to survive together or not at all.

Bob said...

@Walt Taylor: Thanks, Walt.