Friday, January 06, 2012

Yet Another Reason To Go Heeled

Emu running amok.

Laverne Bain likes to look at birds through her kitchen window.

This time, one was looking back: A big, baldish critter with stubby wings and a long, bowed neck.

"That's got to be the biggest turkey I've ever seen," Bain said Tuesday, laughing as she recalled her avian encounter. "That's what I was thinking at the moment. I promise, it was as tall as a pony, just peeking into the window at me."

After a few minutes -- and a couple of calls to neighbors along Elliot Bridge Road -- Bain realized her peeping tom wasn't a turkey at all.

She was one of several folks in central Harnett County to be visited this week by an emu: a large, flightless bird common in Australia that seems to have taken a shine to the rolling hills between Bunnlevel and Flat Branch.

And if you don't think emus are dangerous:

They can, in fact, disembowel you with a forward kick.

And for you fans of 70's TV:


Holyriver said...

Very nice blog.
Happy new year from Italy.

BobG said...

Wonder if they taste like ostrich? I find ostrich quite tasty.