Monday, January 30, 2012

Five Years of This... at The Drawn Cutlass, and a year or two before that on LiveJournal.

Here's the first post I ever did at The Drawn Cutlass.

I notice in the stats that most of my traffic comes from Google searches, specifically image searches, Giant Squid and Kim Kardashian's Tits being the top 2 searches.

Her tits? Damn, she has nice tits, but Kim Kardashian is all about the ass, guys. Just like J.-Lo or Nina Hartley.

In any event, thanks for continuing to read this drivel. I know I'd get more readers - - well, visitors - - by posting cheesecake or even NSFW pics of chicks, but I'm not in a competition, here. No trophy waiting across a finish line. It's free ice cream. Enjoy.


Rev. Paul said...

Happy blogiversary, dude!

BobG said...


Borepatch said...

Happy blogiversary!

Home on the Range said...

Congratulations on five good years. You don't need cheesecake, we'd visit anyway.

MauserMedic said...

Congrats, and I found you while looking for Giant Squid Tits.

Just sayin'.

Irish said...

WHOA>.. I missed this.. CONGRATS!!