Monday, October 08, 2012


That was all it cost to purchase the Diamond Shoals Light Tower off the coast of North Carolina near Cape Hatteras.

A Minnesota man who has never seen the Diamond Shoals Light Tower – 13 miles off Cape Hatteras in the Atlantic Ocean – has bought the abandoned, rusting tower for $20,000 at federal auction.

Dave Schneider, 56, of Richfield, Minn., said he plans to restore the corroded, 46-year-old tower and turn it into a research, development and product-testing facility off the Outer Banks.

Supposedly it'll cost $2.3M to renovate the old tower.

Here's a pic:

Murph, you missed your chance. I think your plane cost more than that, didn't it?

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Murphy's Law said...

Not much more...and yeah, if I'd known about the auction before it closed, I'd likely have taken a whack at it and been willing to consider going a bit higher. It needs a lot of work according to the videos I saw, but man, what a great redoubt for when the Obama zombies are wiping everyone else out. I could seriously defend that place. Sad to have missed out, but there's still one or two left.