Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today's Poll: O Mighty Killer of Snakes!

Over at Robert Langham's blog he mentions an encounter with a copperhead, which he let live, and I got to wondering: What's the attitude of my readership toward snakes, particularly venomous snakes? My own attitude is like Langham's, with the possible exception of encountering a venomous snake by surprise in close quarters, e.g., accidentally stepping on one and having it bite in self-defense.

So here's today's poll. I think I've covered most of the choices, with the exception of killing a snake to protect one's spouse/children; I think that choice would outweigh every other one on the poll, so I didn't include it by design. You can, of course, offer detailed reasons for/against in comments.

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ProudHillbilly said...

I like snakes, which is why I left the copperhead that was living next to the house alone and just became more careful when working over there.

BobG said...

I usually leave them alone. A large one does make a good lunch, though.

Anonymous said...

If a live one is dangerous or a dead one is useful. Otherwise, Why bother?