Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Tonight's Debate Could Be Rigged

Aside from having a liberal moderator, of course.

Tonight's Presidential debate is a "town hall"-style debate, with "normal Americans" asking questions of Obama and Romney. How were the "normal Americans" picked? That's the first way you could rig the debate.

The second way that the debate could be rigged is that, although the "normal Americans" get to ask the questions, the questions are pre-screened and the moderator (Candy Crowley, Liberal Journalist) gets to choose which questions get asked. Thus it's likely that there will be plenty of questions that embarrass Governor Romney (or try to) and few that embarrass President Obama.

The third way the debate could be rigged is that Liberal CNN Journalist Candy Crowley gets to ask the follow-up questions to those made by the "normal Americans." Thus, if one of the questions inadvertently embarrasses President Obama, Crowley will be able to rescue him by asking a penetrating follow-up to Governor Romney.

Bear all this in mind as you watch the debate tonight.

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