Thursday, October 25, 2012

US Navy "CNO Reading List."

Story here.

It's a list of books recommended for Navy personnel of all ranks. Let's let CNO himself explain it:

There's some familiar names on the list, such as Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Patrick O'Brien's Master and Commander, among others. It's meant for leisure time and there is no requirement to read any of them, but...

While nonreaders face no consequence, Jackson encourages leaders to praise those who do participate in their next evaluations.

So you know where that will probably lead.

For myself, it's no big deal; I've always been a reader, even read the tomes put out by the Naval Institute regularly during my active duty years. There's probably more than a few sailors who'd rather not have to deal with being "encouraged" to tackle the "essential 18" books on the list.

It's similar to what Muslims like to say: There is no compulsion in Islam.

Or the Navy.


Rev. Paul said...

I read incessantly, both then and now. A "recommended" list that will most likely be used to favor those who comply is ... well, let's say I'd have done it, just because it's good reading. If the upper brass wanted to hand out "attaboys" for doing so, then great.

Old NFO said...

Good books, and I saw them in more than one squadron space...