Friday, October 19, 2012

Yer Redneck Feature of the Day

Dan DeBlasio's haunted house in Leland, NC:

Some residents of Olde Towne Wynd in Leland enjoy sprucing up for the holidays with dazzling light displays, decorations and mood-setting music.

So does Dan DeBlasio.

The difference is that DeBlasio's favorite holiday comes in October, not December.

For DeBlasio, Halloween is his chance to outshine the neighbors.

As a visitor pauses to read the "Enter at Your Own Risk!" sign, DeBlasio or his cohort, Tom Nugent, rattles him with a hidden noisemaker. Even on an early October day, this year's plan is taking shape.

The gated graveyard is nearly finished, featuring a half-buried corpse among the graves of singer Bob Denver, pitchman Billy Mays and pop legend Michael Jackson. The young boy's underwear on Jackson's gravestone smacks of poor taste, but DeBlasio takes ridicule as easily as he shovels it – imagine his hesitation at asking a neighbor for a pair of his son's underwear.

Among all the famous names in the graveyard is one unfamiliar name: "Georgia Peters, 1940-2001." That's DeBlasio's mother-in-law, and it's not a tribute – she's actually still alive. There's also an undug grave with a shovel next to it – its headstone reads "YOU!!!"


And, me being the priggish grammar Nazi that I am, I noticed that the sign in the pic has the word you're misspelled as your. Don't know if it's intentional or not, but this is North Carolina, so I'll say it's unintentional. (Later: he spelled too as to, also.)

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