Monday, October 15, 2012

Walking Dead AAR: Seed

Sunday's season premiere of The Walking Dead apparently picks up Rick & Co. several weeks (or perhaps even longer) after the Season 2 finale. Hershel has grown a beard, the entire group are now zombie-killing machines, and have even acquired suppressors for several of their guns. But apparently, even with several road-worthy vehicles, they couldn't find their way out of the general area that they were in at the end of Season 2 (all the roads are choked off/blocked?)

Meanwhile, we see Michonne (who still hasn't been formally introduced to the audience) caring for Andrea, who apparently has pneumonia. Lots of unanswered questions there: where did Michonne learn to use that sword so efficiently? What's with the two armless zombies? It's as if we missed an episode in which all this stuff was explained.

And Rick is damn sure determined to keep Hershel around to deliver Lorie's baby, no matter what it takes, huh?


Stephen said...

And here I am stuck with Dish. The buttholes recently dropped AMC over contract issues.

Daddio said...

The armless zombies are pack mules, shown at the end of the episode. These all are still the dumbest survivors anywhere. I figure if they are still alive there have to be millions still alive.

Anonymous said...

To me it appears that around 5 or 6 months has passed.

Lori is close to giving birth, that amount of time would account for Karl's big growth spurt, and the fact that the Daryl was wearing a blanket around his shoulders to ward off the chill in the air... during last season's final episode everyone was sweating while the walkers were invading the farm.

FHB said...

Armless, jawless zombie mules. I guess all will be revealed. The folks who have read the comics LOVE the chick with the katana.

Knucklehead said...

Heard Daryl (I think) make some comment about wandering around in circles all winter.

It could just be me, but fighting one's way INTO a zombie infested prison strikes me as just plain stupid.

The small, fenced in piece of land that Herschel is talking about planting seeds on seems far to small -especially since most of it will likely be turned into a pond with any rain. Looks like a drainage pond to me.

Last, but not least, you gotta admire that clean bone cut Rick made in Hershel's leg with mere 5 whacks with that hatchet.