Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yer Green Grocery Bags Are Making Us Sick

Researchers at the University of Arizona sampled 84 reusable bags from shoppers in Los Angeles, the most recent major municipality to ban plastic bags, and two additional bag-outlawed cities. The findings were stunning: just over half were contaminated with some form of harmful bacteria while at least twelve percent contained traces of fecal matter. When the contaminated bags were housed in car trunks for two hours, scientists found the number of bacteria was boosted ten-fold.

So the next time that you're sitting on the toilet with a bucket in your hands, simultaneously squirting and puking, you can blame it on a hippie.


Old NFO said...

Another reason why I WON'T use em!

ProudHillbilly said...

Not really surprising. We are constantly told to wash fruits and veges well because of scary stuff like e. coli, and they even market special stuff to do that with. OK, if it is potentially contaminated and you put it in a bag, you shouldn't be surprised if the contaminant rubs off onto the bag. Then store it at room temp and, viola, your own fabric petri dish.